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WIN participates in Coalition of West African Countries affected by Ebola Event

When In Need Foundation was represented by Mr. Emmett Massaquoi at the fundraising launch by the Coalition of West African Countries affected by Ebola (COWACAE). The event was held at Philadelphia’s City Hall and hosted by the coalition members, the Hon. Councilwoman Jeannie L. Blackwell, the Chairman of the Coalition, Rev. Moses Suah-Dennis. When In Need is committed to providing grants to disadvantaged youths and preventive health education on various medical conditions. Attendees included Embassy representatives, Ambassador Mamady Conde of Guinea, Ambassador Bockari K. Stevens of Sierra Leone, Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh of Liberia, Ambassador Amina Ali from the Africa Union, organizations and several other dignitaries. CoalitionAmb Stevens of Sierra Leeone8

When In Need Foundation (WIN) Highlights Success of Efforts in 2014

When in Need Foundation provides educational grants to people from disadvantaged communities both in the United States and Africa, preventive health education on various medical conditions, supports individuals with autism and other disabilities in addition to sustaining clean energy initiatives. The group has organized a variety of fairs, seminars, and workshops to generate awareness of preventive healthcare education, especially in the past year. The organization recaps all of their efforts to review what they have accomplished regarding their mission. In 2014, When in Need foundation completely rebuilt a school building at the Samuel Njemanze Memorial Primary School Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, that can accommodate more than 100 students, complete with a new water system that serves the entire community. The organization also provided the school’s 288 students and 14 teachers with books, writing materials and supplies. The school was able to obtain new furniture as well. Another achievement includes organizing a health fair that was conducted for the school and community, which catered to over a hundred people in addition to screenings for high blood pressure and malaria. Nearby, the Holy Family Sisters of the Needy, St. Joseph’s Home for Orphans and Destitute at Okwu Uratta Owerri North LGA, were provided with cash gifts, provisions and food items presented by the When in Need Foundation. Students at 3 different schools in Philadelphia; St. Francis de Sales school, John W. Hallahan Catholic High School and The City School (formerly known as Philadelphia Mennonite High School) were presented financial scholarship awards by When In Need. Books, writing materials, educational supplies and Ebola detection kits were also donated to the LED Primary School Kayarda, Kuje area, FCT Abuja. Other donations during the year went to the Daughters of Providence Convent in Obodo, Ahiara Mbaise, Imo State in Nigeria to supply hearing and speech impaired students with food, books, supplies, thermometers, household items and financial assistance. In addition, the organization participated in the Clinton Global Initiative’s 20/30 event in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA alongside business and government leaders, industry innovators and global leaders of tomorrow. Other events that the group participated in is the fundraising launch by the Coalition of West African Countries affected by Ebola (COWACAE) in Philadelphia and the Wall Street Economic Summit organized by Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push to identify ways of increasing the participation of minorities in technology and to promote equal opportunity for diverse employees. With the outstanding efforts produced by the organization, minorities are assisted with achieving educational goals. In 2015, the staff continues to focus on informing individuals about preventive care measures that can be taken to avoid diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, HPV and kidney disease. For more information on the WIN Foundation, please visit http://www.winfound.org. About WIN Foundation: The When In Need Foundation is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt non-profit organization that aims to assist people from disadvantaged communities. When In Need’s services can be summarized by an acronym called P. A. G. E. which means: • Prevention(preventive health education) • Autism (autism support and other disabilities) • Grants (grants for disadvantaged individuals in education and vocation) • Energy(energy initiatives for sustainable clean environment) Through community outreach, the group raises public awareness about educating individuals on preventing health issues. Minorities are provided with educational grants and financial support for education with donations generated from the foundation’s efforts. For more information on this organization, please visit http://www.winfound.org or on facebook at www.facebook.com/winfound

A Night Out with President Clinton at The Clinton Global Initiative

On Nov. 7, When in Foundation’s (WiN) leadership led by its CEO, Ms Chetachi Ecton attended the Clinton Global Initiative’s 20/30 event in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. When In need Foundation is honored to be collaborating with Clinton Foundation 20/30 members in addressing the great challenges of the next generation. WiN Foundation supports the work of the Clinton Foundation’s global programs, alongside the most exciting business and government leaders, industry innovators, and preparing for their roles as global leaders of tomorrow. Welcoming President Clinton to the stage was actress and business woman, Jessica Alba and a great music performance by The Parachute!

When In Need Foundation kicks off Students Annual Scholarships

On Nov 4th, When in Need Foundation kicked-off its financial scholarship awards for the next 3 years to students at 3 different schools in the Philadelphia area. St. Francis de Sales school, John W. Hallahan Catholic High School and The City School (formerly known as Philadelphia Mennonite High School) are the first beneficiaries of the donation. Presenting the awards at the various schools was When In Need Foundation’s team and its President, Ms Chetachi Nwoga Ecton who stressed that the scholarship was part of the foundation’s mission of giving back to the community and helping minority and disadvantaged students who are struggling with paying their tuition or are at risk of losing their spots at their respective schools. Transforming Lives, Creating Impact… PB040168v2 PB040201v2 win 1 win 2 win 3 win 4 win 5 win 6 win 7 win 8 win 9 win 10 win 11 win 12 win 13 win 14


Recognizing the importance and role of education as early as pre-colonial Nigeria, a then chief clerk with the Nigerian Railway Corporation, informally began gathering and personally teaching children within his neighborhood rudimentary elementary or primary education. With time this casual “home education” formally metamorphosed in 1957 to what is today, Samuel Njemanze Memorial Primary School Owerri, Nigeria – appropriately named after its founder. Unfortunately, the school was completely destroyed during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war of 1966-1970, but the indefatigable Samuel Njemanze refused to let his idea and dream die, hence he found some way to acquire a new property where he built, relocated and re-established his school in the heart of Owerri town. However, at his death in the early 1970s, together with the acquisition of the school by the government, the school began a gradual but steady journey toward decay and almost oblivion; it became abandoned and almost forgotten. Many pupils were withdrawn from the school by their parents and guardians who could afford quality schools elsewhere. Today the once revered Samuel Njemanze Primary School has become a school for the less privileged, the helpless, and the hopeless in the society. With a population of over 500 pupils Samuel Njemanze Memorial Primary School Owerri, the school lacks several basic educational amenities, from decent classrooms to even minor instructional materials such as books, uniforms, chalks, pencils and pens, desks, etc. It equally lacks modern day teaching and learning aids such as personal computers, which 90% of the pupils have never used before. There are also no libraries, I.C.T centres, laboratories, and projectors, etc. Urban development in later years has subsequently left the school completely in the centre of the central market, thereby making accessibility very difficult and equally creating an unfavorable learning environment. There is also lack of supply of power supply for teaching and learning to take place. These conditions also negatively impacted the teaching staff who have became less motivated in their job of training high quality leaders of tomorrow. With the inherent backwardness and abandonment as a result of lack of basic modern educational materials, WIN FOUNDATION decided to extend its hands of help and charity to the pupils, the teachers, and the community at large. This is with a view to contribute its quota in the production quality pupils/students who are the leaders of tomorrow and to help in restoring the vision and dreams of the legendary Samuel Njemanze. Presently, WIN FOUNDATION has renovated two blocks of classrooms, donated many educational and instructional materials, conducted health checks for the pupils and teachers alike, and restored running water to the school. Equally, arrangements have been concluded to donate Ebola disease preventive kits to the school authorities. Finally, like the motto of the school states, “Action not word” When In Need (WIN) Charity Organization has set out to touch the lives of these pupils, their teachers and the entire community positively. When In Need (WIN), a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization is glad to have completed these projects at the school, but also knows that more needs to be done, and would be done. To God Be The Glory! Submitted By Casmir Nwoga
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