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Recognizing the importance and role of education as early as pre-colonial Nigeria, a then chief clerk with the Nigerian Railway Corporation, informally began gathering and personally teaching children within his neighborhood rudimentary elementary or primary education. With time this casual “home education” formally metamorphosed in 1957 to what is today, Samuel Njemanze Memorial Primary School Owerri, Nigeria – appropriately named after its founder. Unfortunately, the school was completely destroyed during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war of 1966-1970, but the indefatigable Samuel Njemanze refused to let his idea and dream die, hence he found some way to acquire a new property where he built, relocated and re-established his school in the heart of Owerri town. However, at his death in the early 1970s, together with the acquisition of the school by the government, the school began a gradual but steady journey toward decay and almost oblivion; it became abandoned and almost forgotten. Many pupils were withdrawn from the school by their parents and guardians who could afford quality schools elsewhere. Today the once revered Samuel Njemanze Primary School has become a school for the less privileged, the helpless, and the hopeless in the society. With a population of over 500 pupils Samuel Njemanze Memorial Primary School Owerri, the school lacks several basic educational amenities, from decent classrooms to even minor instructional materials such as books, uniforms, chalks, pencils and pens, desks, etc. It equally lacks modern day teaching and learning aids such as personal computers, which 90% of the pupils have never used before. There are also no libraries, I.C.T centres, laboratories, and projectors, etc. Urban development in later years has subsequently left the school completely in the centre of the central market, thereby making accessibility very difficult and equally creating an unfavorable learning environment. There is also lack of supply of power supply for teaching and learning to take place. These conditions also negatively impacted the teaching staff who have became less motivated in their job of training high quality leaders of tomorrow. With the inherent backwardness and abandonment as a result of lack of basic modern educational materials, WIN FOUNDATION decided to extend its hands of help and charity to the pupils, the teachers, and the community at large. This is with a view to contribute its quota in the production quality pupils/students who are the leaders of tomorrow and to help in restoring the vision and dreams of the legendary Samuel Njemanze. Presently, WIN FOUNDATION has renovated two blocks of classrooms, donated many educational and instructional materials, conducted health checks for the pupils and teachers alike, and restored running water to the school. Equally, arrangements have been concluded to donate Ebola disease preventive kits to the school authorities. Finally, like the motto of the school states, “Action not word” When In Need (WIN) Charity Organization has set out to touch the lives of these pupils, their teachers and the entire community positively. When In Need (WIN), a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization is glad to have completed these projects at the school, but also knows that more needs to be done, and would be done. To God Be The Glory! Submitted By Casmir Nwoga

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