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Fight to End Malaria

The President and CEO of WIN, Dr. Chetachi Ecton has dedicated her life to engaging the humanitarian and donor community in seeing malaria as a health hazard in Nigeria. Through the WIN’s Missions of Mercy signature program to delivering medical equipment and medications to the communities in need in Nigeria. In her most recent visit to the habitats of the internally displaced people in September, 2017. Dr. Ecton argues that ‘malaria is ravaging the camps and villages in Nigeria’.
The unsanitary living conditions have created a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes in a country where 300,000 Nigerians die of malaria every year. According to Dr. Ecton, the fight against Malaria is just the first step to help the dying communities in Nigeria and the rest of the world. “This is my calling. Every time I think about the thousands and thousands of people that are dying of malaria in Nigeria every day, every time I think about the defenseless women and children in internally displaced camps across Nigeria, my heart bleeds. I want to assure you ladies and gentlemen, I will not rest until every child in Africa is malaria free”.


Malaria is a disease of the blood that is caused by the Plasmodium parasite, which is transmitted from person to person by a particular type of mosquito.

Increasing investments to end malaria will save millions more lives, mostly pregnant women and children in Africa. However, despite tremendous progress, malaria remains one of the top killers of children under five and is a major cause of poverty and inequity in Africa.

  • In 2016, malaria claimed 455,000 lives and caused 216 million cases.1
  • Malaria accounts for half of missed days in African schools. Healthy children can go to school and learn more effectively, ultimately impacting their ability to earn a living.2
  • Keeping children healthy enables parents to go to work and reduce the need to spend their wages on malaria treatments and health care. 
  • Statistics show that malaria is a risk for 97% of Nigeria’s population. The remaining 3% of the population live in the malaria free highlands.
  • There are an estimated 100 million malaria cases with over 300,000 deaths per year in Nigeria. This compares with 215,000 deaths per year in Nigeria from HIV/AIDS. Malaria contributes to an estimated 26% of maternal mortality.






WIN continues to appeal to the international community and people of goodwill to step up their resources in helping the dying communities in Nigeria and all over Africa. If you want to get make a donation or get involved in other ways please fill out the form below:

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