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WIN’s “Mission of Mercy” journeys to Turks & Caicos Snap Center

On April 22nd, 2015 When In Need Foundation Team continued its “Mission of Mercy” journey to the Marion Williams Snap Center, a residential care facility in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. The home was privately established in March 2006 as a result of long term Orphanage Called Nissi House in Thompson Cove. The Snap Centre is a day center that houses children with special needs. Unfortunately, some of these children go without lunch sometimes. When In Need team extended a helping hand to the children as donations of food and supplies were made to the facility in addition to bringing smiles to the faces of the lovely children. When In Need Foundation team on its worldwide Mission of Mercy (M.O.M.) was led by its Executive Director, Ms. Ecton who was overjoyed as she shared the delights and message of compassion, care, hope with the youngsters. All the children were elated especially the youngest child named KJ as Ms Esther Parker of the WIN foundation played peek-a-boo with him. In line with her spirit of compassion and her constant motherly love, Ms. Ecton and the WiN Foundation team pledged to give up lunch so that the children will have filling meals instead, at least for a few days. Special Thanks to the Snap Center Team and Dr. Carlton Mills for his over and beyond assistance, guidance, volunteerism in making the visit and trip to Turks and Caicos Island productive, successful and memorable. When In Need team also returned to the facility the next day with goodies and lots of ice cream to cool the children off in sunny weather. The joyful memories made and the sweetness brought by the ice-cream to the taste buds of the youngsters will linger in the hearts of the children for a long time to come! 1 2 3 4 5 6

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