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WIN heads to Europe in continuation of Global Mission of Mercy

Europe 1 Our attitude of service restores hope and helps others maximize their potential. Let’s make each day a masterpiece by making friendship, spreading love and building a shelter against a rainy day for the needy. On July 25, When In Need Foundation team headed to Europe for its Global Mission of Mercy tour today in France, Italy, Spain and the UK under the leadership of its CEO, Ms Chetachi Ecton. In continuation of its global mission of mercy campaign, WIN with MOM will continue to create impact and touch lives globally by visiting orphanages, homeless shelters and hostels that assist those less fortunate with necessary resources by being a blessing through donations of basic amenities, food, supplies, medical, healthcare, and educational resources on its tour. The Mission of Mercy initiative is born out of its Founder and C.EO, Ms. Ecton’s lifelong virtues of selflessness and compassion for the needy and downtrodden. Please follow us on facebook, twitter and other social media as the TEAM WIN journeys across Europe transforming lives and creating impact. Bon voyage TEAM WIN!

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