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When In Need pays Surprise Visit To SW Senior Center in Philly.

Let us take care of our Elders for they have come a long way… On Jan 8th, 2015, The When In Need Foundation paid a pleasant surprise visit to the South West Philly Senior Center with loads of gifts for more than 100 seniors at the Center. The visit was inspired by Ms Chetachi Ecton’s (Founder & CEO of When In Need) mother, Mrs Priscilla Nwoga. …
For Paulette Cunningham, the Director of the Center, it was one of the most pleasant surprises for Seniors and their Staff in her 27 years of working at the Center. The Seniors were truly appreciative of the warmth and love showed to them. Special Thanks to the entire When In Need Foundation team of volunteers who helped with the distribution of the gifts and the staff members at the Senior Center. Please continue to support us at www.winfound.org/donation so we can support others. Truly the best classroom is at the feet of an elderly person! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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