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When in Need Foundation Saves Little Michael’s Life…

Mission of Mercy restores life as When in Need Foundation continues her work of changing our world one person at a time and creating impact. Little Michael Ambrose, the miracle child discovered by the When In Need Foundation Port-Harcourt team during its Easter “Mission of Mercy” initiative is now fully recovered after his successful surgery funded by When in need Foundation. He shared a quick smile with us as he got set to play his next game of soccer with his friends. Special Thanks to the medical team at Chrismade Hospital once again and the When In Need Foundation team for another milestone in its mission of mercy, compassion, care, hope, transforming lives and creating impact! When in Need Foundation under the leadership of Ms. Chetachi Ecton seeks to help make a difference in our world. Ms Ecton is inspired by Mother Teresa of blessed memory in several ways. A passionate and compassionate visionary, Ms Ecton is a relentless fighter and advocate for those with disabilities and in need of support through her global philanthropy work. In the immortal words of Mother Teresa “The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it”. The core and cornerstone of When in Need Foundation’s work is her Mission of Mercy campaign which has gone global touching lives of children, especially those in orphanages from the shores of The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas to the continent of Africa. In Africa, When in Need Foundation has left her mark by spearheading the rebuilding and transformation of the once dilapidated Njemanze Primary School. The school was rebuilt, painted and equipped with various amenities such as electricity, a new water system and handed back to the community in Owerri, Imo State in Nigeria. When In Need is positively impacting lives and transforming communities one individual at a time. The next step is When in Need Foundation’s event “Soles for Education” benefit campaign on May 16 in NY which seeks to provide shoes to about 300 students at Samuel Njemanze Primary School to create a happy feet. To support When In Need Foundation to continue the work she is doing go to www.winfound.org michael A fully recovered Michael getting set for his next game of soccer michael 4 Michael accompanied by one of When In Need’s staff members before surgery at Chrismade Hospital

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