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When In Need Foundation Completed A Successful Mission of Mercy at Forestdale Inc.

13 The When In Need Foundation kicked off the Summer Season of Missions of Mercy in Queens, NYC at Forestdale Inc. They will be donated needed items and food to families in need serviced through Forestdale Inc. on Tuesday, May 26. When in Need is traveling to South America later in the week to visit orphanages and donate much needed items to across the continent. When in Need Founder and CEO Ms. Chetachi Ecton is not only a passionate and compassionate visionary but was inspired by the work of Mother Teresa. Mission of Mercy is to help make a difference by spreading love and helping those in need especially orphans and those challenged by one disability or another. When Ms. Ecton heard of the work that Forestdale is doing from Director Anstiss Agnew she knew that she needed to become involved. Forestdale’s mission is to ensure that children have the fundamental assets they need to thrive: a safe and loving home, health literacy, and education and career opportunity. With a history of service dating to 1854, we serve as a resource for over 1,000 families in crisis from Astoria to Far Rockaway. Forestdale’s Foster Care & Adoption services provide safe and nurturing homes to help more than 700 youth ages 0-21 achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. • The Preventive program helps 70 families per year avoid foster care intervention with intensive counseling to address unemployment, truancy and mental illness. • Every year the Fathering Initiative prepares 250 noncustodial fathers to become more active and involved caregivers through parenting classes, anger management seminars and coparenting counseling. The Passport to Parenting offers pregnant and parenting teens access to health services and parenting work. When In Need Foundation When in Need Foundation (WIN) is committed to providing grants to assist minorities in the areas of secular education, higher education and health education. When in Need Foundation (WIN) also assists Children and Adults who have disabilities. The Foundation achieves this by educating the community on ways to keep wanderers safe, quickly locate them and speedily return them to their families.Win is partnering with device technology companies, city, state, federal agencies including law enforcement agencies to make sure wandering patients are safely cared for and returned back speedily to their loved ones. Secular education will allow these individuals the foundation needed to acquire access to institutions of higher education. The Higher education will help place the recipients in the position to give back to their communities as they fulfill their dreams of becoming professionals in society. We believe “knowledge is power”. The purpose of the health education is to assist with identifying and understanding health issues that face the African community and to provide treatment and preventive healthcare education on medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, HPV and kidney disease. The Mission of Mercy (M.O.M) is a global outreach program of When In Need Foundation, a non- profit 501(c)3 organization with the purpose and mission of assisting individuals in need with basic amenities, food, supplies, medical, healthcare, and educational resources globally. When In Need Foundation supports schools, orphanages, and hostels that assist those less fortunate around the world with necessary resources by being a blessing. The Mission of Mercy initiative is the born out of its Founder and C.EO, Ms. Ecton’s lifelong virtues of selflessness and compassion for the powerless, needy, defenseless, downtrodden and people with limited opportunities. W.I.N with M.O.M as it is popularly called, seeks to transform the way by which people travel and vacation. The Mission of Mercy encourages individuals to visit and support schools, orphanages, and hostels when they travel to other countries rather than just vacation alone. When In Need Foundation’s Mission of Mercy has visited schools, orphanages, and hostels in The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Island and Nigeria to mention a few, and is set to visit Chile, Uruguay and Argentina in June 2015. Our goal is to transform lives and create impact on all 6 continents globally one country at a time. Ms Chetachi Ecton is deeply inspired by the work of Mother Theresa who once said “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”. Source: http://popimpresskajournal.org/blogs/popimpresska-journal-events-charities-art-fashion-movies/31546307-popimpresska-journal-when-in-need-foundation-completed-a-successful-mission-of-mercy-at-forestdale-inc

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