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When In Need Foundation at Wazobia Radio, Abuja Nigeria

The When In Need Foundation is creating impact in the lives of individuals globally with its Mission of Mercy Program which recently visited Internally Displaced Persons in Abuja, Nigeria. Thanks to Wazobia FM’s team and Lady G for collaborating and helping us spread the word about our Mission. When In Need Foundation’s Founder and CEO, MsChetachi Ecton, Media Director, George Onuorah and Program Coordinator for Africa, Chuckwuma Okere were at Wazobia Radio to share the Mission and Vision of WIN. More than 600 IDPS, a lot of whom were displaced as a result of Boko Haram were treated for various medical conditions which included malaria, high blood pressure, bacterial infection, diarrhea and a host of other ailments. Stay tuned for more news on When In Need’s recent Medical Mission and Awareness Program in Nigeria. #IDPcamp#Abuja#outreach #wazobia#whenineedfoundation #impact 2 3 4  

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