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W.I.N with M.O.M Journeys to Madrid

Our journey of restoring hope and unlocking potential globally continues by lending a helping hand, balanced by lifting others up through cooperation, partnership and unceasing determination to make the world a better place one child, one country at a time. On Friday, August 7, When In Need Foundation visited Foundacion Madrina in Madrid to conclude its Mission of Mercy tour to 4 European countries. Led by Founder and CEO, Ms. Chetachi Ecton and Media Director George Onuorah,… team members Chinyere Dunkley, Chioma Dunkley and Ms. Olga, who helped us navigate the language barrier. The WiN team was received with much love and happiness by the leadership and residents of Foundacion Madrina as much needed donations of diapers, food and essential amenities for women and children were presented to the facility.
The purpose of the mission was to help abused and at risk young teenage mothers and their infant children who are housed in this great facility and getting much needed therapy to reclaim their lives. One could not escape feeling the need and compassion to these innocent children who became mothers not out of their own volition but rather forced and in some instances forcibly violated by adults who should know better. For more than a decade, Foundacion Madrina has supported women in the area of maternity and childhood health, focusing on the protection and assistance of women and motherhood, acting in the areas of health, social care, job training and support young pregnant. Special thanks to the leadership of Foundacion Madrina led by its President, Conrado Gimenez Agrela for warmly receiving us and to Ms Olga for helping us navigate the language barrier effortlessly. Please make a donation at http://www.winfound.org/donation/ to support WiN Foundation’s mission of lifting others up and supporting the forgotten, needy, abused and abandoned children globally. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

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