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Ms. Chetachi Ecton, CEO of WIN Foundation receives Actor, Danny Glover 2016 Power of the Dream Award

  Actor Danny Glover 2016 Power of the Dream award was handed out Monday March 28th at the African Union Headquarters overlooking the United Nations in NYC to some outstanding individuals, trailblazers and change makers. Amongst those honored are Ms. Chetachi Ecton, CEO of WIN Foundation who is singlehandedly self funding the When In Need Foundation www.winfound.org. Inspired by the work of legendary Catholic nun Mother Teresa and imbued with modicum of responsibility at an early age by her very loving parents, she has dedicated her life to helping others especially children and families in need. The When In Need Foundation team has traveled across continents from Africa to South America, Europe to South Asia visiting Orphanages, homeless shelters and hostels, disabled Centers and Abused Facilities donating food and essential medical supplies. Others honored included Nollywood personality Clarion Chukwurah and Queen Mother Dr. Deloise Blakely, the Community Mayor of Harlem. Dr. Monica Sanchez organizer of this event is a very committed community leader who continues to work to empower not only her Caribbean community but all community. 1.5 1 2.1 2 3.1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

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