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http://www.gofundme.com/solesforeducation Chetachi Ecton, Founder of the ​When In Need Foundation ​ has launched a new initiative that compliments her global mission of humans in need. ​ The Soles For Education project is part of our effort to rebuild the Samuel Njemaze Primary School in Owerri Nigeria. Our goal is simple provide shoes to over 350 students that are currently enrolled in the school. These children are lacking the basic necessities of shoes and proper clothing to attend school to receive their education. Our Goal is to raise 30,000.00 to support the Soles For Education Project needs of Shoes, Shipping, and Distrbution. The WIN foundation operates based on their vision: ​ G​ – Grants for students and young professionals to continue their education and career S​ – Support for schools, orphanages and various hostels that assist those less fortunate in the world. The ​Soles For Eduction project ​ needs financial support to continue providing quality shoes and uniforms these amazing school children in need of these basic necessities to attend school. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will truly make a difference in the lives of others. Learn more about the WIN foundation, The Soles For Education project and our ​Mission of Mercy ​ program at www.winfound.org ​ Additional Information: Mission of Mercy ​ is a new Global program that is already implementing the acts of care and compassion internationally. Ms. Ecton believes that “Sharing love and visiting those in need is the way to honor the work of Mother Teresa and establish the legacy of her foundation.” To support the Mission’s and learn about the various Orphanages in countries the WIN Foundation has already assisted as part of this program visit us online Social Channels: Facebook: ​ www.facebook.com/winfound Twitter: www.twitter.com/WhenInNeedFound LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/when-in-need-foundation

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