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Heartwarming Thank You Note From Fundacion Madrina in Madrid.

Madrid, August 15, 2015 Dear Mss. Chetachi, From Godmother Foundation, and in my own name, we wish to thank their generous assistance which has been instrumental in securing the material and child health for babies working with our baby Bank.
Through this humanitarian Bank, the Foundation covers and daily controls basic food and hygiene needs of more than 300 infants in child poverty babies and their mothers, as well as proper nutrition and care. In recent years it has quadrupled this need urgent and benefactor, and lacked sufficient space to meet such growing need. In this regard, I reiterate our gratitude therefore providential response and generosity, for the time you have spent with us, to get us a whole material that is essential to meet a humanitarian mission we have and we lacked for days. We also want to stretch our gratitude to all people of good will who have accompanied you in this beneficent work, and especially Mr. George Onuorah and your daughters. Congratulations because you form a necessary and unique team to address social deprivation that demand our society every day. Thanks especially for your heart; Mother Teresa said that “what is not given is lost ….”, and “you have to give until it hurts ….”. On behalf of all our moms and babies heart¡¡¡¡ Thanks and God bless you with your family. Waiting personally thank you again, I send a greeting to all our affectionate esteem and affection … Thankyou¡¡¡¡¡¡ Conrado Giménez Agrela President of Godmother Foundation 1 2 3 4 13

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