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Chetachi Dunkley-Ecton: WINning In Life By Helping Others

Chetachi and Cyrus  Webb Chetachi Ecton and Cyruss Webb discussing When In Need Foundation http://www.examiner.com/article/chetachi-dunkley-ecton-winning-life-by-helping-others At a time when so many are focused on themselves and what others can do for them, individuals like Chetachi Dunkley-Ecton and members of the When In Need (or WIN) Foundation are looking for ways to help others. Their mission? To make the life of a child a little better than it was yesterday. Inspired by the example of Mother Theresa, Chetachi has committed her life to being of service to others. “It is a rewarding feeling,” she says when referring to the work WIN has been able to do. “There’s nothing greater than helping those in need. I can’t see myself doing anything else.” She says the way her parents raised her contributed to her desire to be of assistance to others, but also her own difficulties and challenges as a single mother reinforced the fact that everyone needs someone. “When I became an adult I knew I could do more,” she says. When In Need has been able to help with school tuitions, school supplies and even medical supplies. Though the foundation has only been around for about two years, Chetachi was doing the work of the organization long before it had a name. Chetachi’s message to others about who can make a difference? “Everyone can help,” she says. “Everyone can be a part of the movement.” She says that knowing that the work she is doing is helping others “gives me so much joy. There is nothing greater than seeing another person laugh and smile and say that you’ve made some kind of impact in their lives.” That impact has been felt in places like Chile, Argentina, Bahamas and Uruguay. Chetachi and WIN are now embarking on the Mission of Mercy tour that is all about giving love, sharing our humanity and embracing the forgotten. It will be taking place throughout the United States, and she will be sharing with others how they can use something like their summer vacations to bless the homeless, the sick and those who are hungry. “Everywhere you go there are orphans wanting help,” she says. Realizing this is a global effort affecting us all, Chetachi says that we have to look at those children around us that may have felt forgotten or alone. “Who know what one of those children can become tomorrow,” she says. It is that thought that continues to drive her to walk in her purpose and share with others the power of working together. Find out more about the work of When In Need at www.winfound.org. Join the movement on Facebook here.

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