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Chetachi Ecton’s Outreach Program Helps Provides Farming & More To Others

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Chetachi Ecton, the creator of the When in Need Foundation. Ecton has successfully completed several projects (providing water and shoes, farming, healthcare) in countries around the world through her outreach program. “I immigrated in the United States decades ago. I struggled so hard to raise my children as a single mother. I know what it feels not to have much and how I couldn’t afford the basic necessities to feed my children. I started traveling and I witnessed first hand what other people in need in other countries go through. I decided I could help and I could show the world that one person could make a difference without having so much,” Ecton said. Click the link below to hear the entire interview. http://blackamericaweb.com/2016/06/28/chetachi-ectons-outreach-program-helps-provides-farming-more-to-others/
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